When it comes to providing information regarding allergies, KFC provides a surprising amount of information, however it is incredibly hard to find. In fact, we were unable to find the KFC allergy guide on their website, but were able to find it when we did a search using Google. It turns out that they have their allergy information hidden away in a discreet PDF file.

Nevertheless, it came as a bit of a shock to us that KFC actually provides relatively valuable information when it comes to allergens in their food, and is actually more helpful than many of their competitors. The KFC allergy guide provides information on the following allergens: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Milk, Eggs, Fish, Soy, Wheat and Sulphites. Furthermore, it came as a shock to us that they provide information regarding which products contain MSG (Quick Hint: almost all of them).

In addition to providing information regarding specific menu items, KFC went a step further and provides allergy information on specific condiments and dressings. For example, croutons are located in a different section of the allergy guide as the regular salad, and information is available on the three main dipping sauces.

You can access the KFC allergy guide here: http://www.kfc.ca/en/assets/pdf/KFC11834_AllergenChart_Eng.pdf

Note that this is the Canadian allergy guide, however the information should be these same in the United States.

While it isn’t easy to locate on their website, a Google search also allowed us to find the KFC nutritional information. You can find it here: http://www.kfc.com/nutrition/pdf/kfc_nutrition.pdf

Based on the information in the KFC nutritional guide, it’s quite obvious why they’ve chosen to make it difficult to find.

Overall, we’re happy to give KFC a passing grade when it comes to providing relevant allergy information. While it’s possible that we’re giving them a top grade out of pure shock that they actually have an allergy guide, we remain impressed with the level of detail found within.